xxxvii - would you notice?



irregular star

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have you noticed how

the thoughts of others become your thoughts

though you don’t know

how your thoughts

became your own?

and now

you have to navigate a crowd

inside your individual head

just to get to yourself 


you might not even be surprised to find

that you didn’t know where you were

or if there was a you to find

and wouldn’t be able to say the things you think

to say 

should your sayings be spoken 

by another voice in the crowd


everyone would be in quite a huff then

because they know who said what

and said what when

you were just wandering around

trying to keep your feet on the ground


it might really make you wonder then

what makes for what each person can defend

and whether there is a right to thoughts

when everything is mixed and tossed

if it wasn’t for how you’ve set your set

would you notice? 


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the art of being a slave is to rule ones master.


xxxvi - junk food boogie



the sum of integers up to here

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do you suppose we invented junk food?

boring i’ve known

and left

bad company

he used a blender as a goldfish bowl


opinions keep you warm

so you won’t realize

if you’re peeing on yourself


my fav secret sauce

do you suppose junk food is all that new?


some cat

superfly said

you just gotta do you

hey mr bugaboo


sometimes i think age is a proof

sometimes discredit


opinions are like models

zip lipped

we can’t help showing them off

(if we got ‘em)

our collection of mundane oddities


what’s it mean if no 2 know anything as one





we all have different pink elephants

students get told

imagine the old as a fresh stew

so few look new

to know from the delirium


thing about age

will i think it’s important after today?

act before

we loose

at the velocity of days

better to apologize

a funky beat review

cooo cooo kachoo


co-opting lifts the weight of understanding


maybe we can get rich

gallops around in us


hamsters i get it they’re cute and small

run run run


our pacing

i know

our know

what then?


do you ever get the sense


that we don’t think enough


about whether or not


we know if we’re lying?


(a way of resting)


where do you go when there




is a word that sounds like special dreaming

where do you imagine yourself

a dreamer



you know

like it doesn’t stop unless you don’t shine light on it

but we have to keep our guard in the dark

we know

we do strange things in the dark


common denominators get a bad rap

but that’s what jesus was all about

elites believe it’s they open things

cuz they’re special

isn’t it obvious


success is the most popular

(it makes itself and


destroys what else)

i suppose it could be

the other way around


opinions mix best when there’s no way out

because we want everyone to be with us

mostly in theory


maybe someone has been right

is enough

to get it



here’s what it seems though

there is a funnel where everyone lives

with a hopper that’s only so big

it catches what’s left and shoves through a sieve

pick forks and lights flash it spits out to give


it must be the right way

as everyone pays to play

and i recognize you when you say

i could go for pizza


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think and wonder, wonder and think.

Dr. Suess

xxxiv - being the same



so many magic

Durer’s Magic Square

Durer’s Magic Square

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being the same

                                            in the look of a stare

      that i see what i see

                                             is it me in you or you in me


                                            if we say


                                           does it answer

    2 questions

                          or do all the questions stay so they can be


better to avoid it altogether

                                                    death is scary

    and hunger is now

    how hungry we are

                                                    puts stock in our store


we notice differences

                                                             because being the same as we are

 and being everything we want

                                                             is too difficult a thing to be

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If something is good, you must torture it mercilessly until it is either dead or great

Brian Eno