xxxvii - would you notice?



irregular star

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have you noticed how

the thoughts of others become your thoughts

though you don’t know

how your thoughts

became your own?

and now

you have to navigate a crowd

inside your individual head

just to get to yourself 


you might not even be surprised to find

that you didn’t know where you were

or if there was a you to find

and wouldn’t be able to say the things you think

to say 

should your sayings be spoken 

by another voice in the crowd


everyone would be in quite a huff then

because they know who said what

and said what when

you were just wandering around

trying to keep your feet on the ground


it might really make you wonder then

what makes for what each person can defend

and whether there is a right to thoughts

when everything is mixed and tossed

if it wasn’t for how you’ve set your set

would you notice? 


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the art of being a slave is to rule ones master.