Raison d’etre 

(We hoped what we knew would keep and keep true)


we are here because

we make art to remind us 

(about the things we don’t know)


art is a game for the wealthy

oh bitter is an inside foe

don’t we still believe in causes though?

one thing follows another mockery

and around the merry we go

cause ya know?

there is that one homeless-poor poet

his writing I didn’t like it mostly

anymore, he couldn’t be anymore

eyes are always watching

because we aren’t sure which ideas are dangerous

and they can’t all be set and set free


you might almost touch your wonder

were it not

were it not for reason’s reasons

because efficiency is a fucking crook

every tyrant speaks of freedom

in the guise of prosperity

and asks for a pinky and takes the hand

with we on tiptoes reaching

because reaching goes towards what we see

and reaching

the higher we reach

the more our bodies point us

into the resting, turning earth

(we might as well sink were it not so solid!)

solid as the earth great sink

we toil with its dishes

as our cleaning spirals down

lost in an infinite plumbing 

below the surface

where we could barely mark where 

where we mark, we mark our marks

we mark the ground, 

(what could be in there?)

remarks the ground

with lined electric bars and garland bound

having grasped our shock we can’t let go

inside we staring targets throw

their lines locked in our lines

who now conscripts the show?


next door and far away

the forest sways the edges of our eyeful way

with air that’s sweet and corners dark and chimes of reaching emerald hair

one bluejay is a blue joy

fifty a troubling marvel, - and most unfair

(pause and hide your stash of acorns my friend)

we remember, remember we remember because

bones sing their songs in the silence of caws


mind but never mind, never mind

in the fancy places 

everything must a shinning fancy 

(how else would we know?)

they jangled silver keys above us in our cribs

and gave us what to reach for

we should know what we would get

the harvest sprouts along the sow

there is magic in the and, and


refusal is to human, refused the patterns grow

with hope alone when its time to go, 

go, don’t go, and go

but please come back when it’s over


(Are we only a moment?)


are there higher gods to seek and know?

to stamp our terms

and send us our immortal show

to march the uptown parade

while the MC throws sweets in golden foils

at a clambering sea of upstretched hands

they swayed, they swayed with the waves

in and out

out and in

each side its side

each side its in

outside and in

outside within

outside the gleaming gleaning windows pin

the street to march its lines

while we scrawl out the minutes 

coloring glass in our book of hours

drifting in the daylong tiptoe arc

with the light marked wheat gold walls

ticking a celestial lock

inside the spirals of an antique clock





the clock chimes you


its motions are its contract

its contract set its portions

(be kind rewind) and keep our trusting true

but set the mark the cheater crossed our arrow’s flying eye

and standing at the line obscured our view





the clock chimes you


we saved for fear, we saved our fear

and dripped the grains from view

we saved, 

and jeered, when near to fear

we measured what we knew

the trees, they swayed, the bluejays called and flew

and we thought, 

we thought about our grain 

so the granary was as tall as we grew

we built it on a sprawling field in keep

to keep, 

for keeping in our view

atop where once a million flower’s blooms withdrew

in sparkle scramble flutter Ooo


it was the contract set proportions

in a square 

we laid a square atop that oblong ground 

(as it was so confused)

beneath the turning of the round

where we toiled with a broom

it was a chore, what a chore!

to stamp! 

from here to there

we stamped the ground

we stamped the mice

we stamped till our feet cawed blue 

we stamped our stamps

we stamped ourselves, 

and stamped we shipped our lives

we flew

into the lonely reaching sky

where alone we left it alone

(while no one was looking)

((what else could we do?))

and we set out to search

we set out to search for something

we did not know, we always knew

out, we set out, 

we set out, 

we set out to save our swooning souls

we set out to look for something new


we set out

we set out to look

to look for something 

out to stop ourselves from cawing blue

out to look for something true

we set out to search for something beautiful


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