labor for the seeker of truth is the endurance of uncertainty

we make art to remind us

that looking can learn to see

about the things we once were

and the things we might just be


My art represents a congenital affliction.  

An invasive problem so common is it practically invisible..

Yet not so invisible that it hasn’t caused tremendous disruption!

With years of research I’ve come to understand this affliction has a name.  It has been termed a ‘mind’.

I have had to live with its imposition every day of my life.

It chronically forces me to consider a huge range of different things, and even things that are not things,

ranging from the terrifyingly beautiful to the beautifully terrifying.

(in full scope it also makes me consider some things rather mundane or in-between, often until they become beautiful or terrifying all in their own extremes)

Sometimes I find I’m helpless stuck in consideration of a single thought or feeling and it takes all the energy I can muster just to escape it.

So pervasive is this condition that I’ve yet to meet a person (or very possibly any kind of entity for that matter) that has not experienced “my mind” at work in me.

You can imagine this very much makes me quite self-conscious.  

Sometimes to the extent that I feel I am a prisoner in my own body.

A strange and foreign body at that, where my mind patrols as its capricious and unremitting warden. 

Despite the years of searching as far as I can tell there is no known cure for this affliction. 

(or only one known cure but really no one is honestly sure of that either)

In matter of fact, many others suggest that most individuals have had to deal with this very issue.

(so I don't even have a special affliction, like, you couldn't well name it after me) 

Alas, everyone else has also found the problem intractable and in their own review some have even gone so far as to claim “the mind” does not actually exist at all. 

You can image how disorienting this thought has been, and how much my own mind finds it dismissively offending. 

(imagine being told you don’t exist! Especially after not even knowing you did in the first place.)

So I find myself here entirely unsure of everything.

(which can make it difficult to do much of anything)

I endeavor to make the world a better place, but my mind tells me that it’s arrogant to believe I could know what 'better' means.

(it’s not sure what a world is either)

It is constantly hinting that I'm not really capable or worth bothering with despite the fact that it won't leave me alone!

As it so often gets in the way of this goal, I’ve made it my life’s work to better understand and perhaps even learn to manage my mind.

(as if there was a choice)

I do so in the hopes that perhaps my efforts will save others from suffering similar struggles with similar antagonist.  

(…or from struggling with me and my antagonizing mind)

((unless being antagonized is the means to that end… such a bother…))

(((…when can we draw conclusions if everything’s a means to something else?)))

((((I guess that’s why we are so desperate for an end in mind…))))

Even though I've got my whole life to grapple with this task it’s an effort to believe that I can make any difference for anything whatever.

But I think my only real choice is to try. 

I hope at least this thought is truly mine. 

(and not just another trick of my mind!)

((It’s not anything new anyhow, but))

It might be the best thought I’ve got.