xxxiii - becoming the world



transitions and fractions



becoming the world


-          a poem to my future child written by a past me (no parents, we are not pregnant)


my darling dear

my wobbling pup

the world is a place of danger and fear

the world is a place of ravage and cut

but don’t forget what brings you near

because the distance is the worst of it

so remember when you can’t

and remember when you won’t

that kindness my dear is an antidote

do not forget the power of kindness

do not forget the power of kindness

and the world will want to be you

and the world will fear your heart

and the world will be wanting

for you hope i

my darling dear

the confidence of kindness


be kind to neighbors

be kind to friends

be kind to jack and jill and jens

be kind to bugs

be kind to spiders

be kind to things that scare or despise us

such as it is

it’s a battle to care

it’s a battle to kind

it’s the battle that’s life

it’s the battle of mind

it’s a battle to dare

so you’ll have to be better

and you’ll have to be brave

you’ll have to be there

when the herd is there scared

and you will be hurt

and you will be taken

and you will be sifted and bruised and forsaken

the world will be jealous

the world will dismiss

the world will contrive

but the world will feel this

that the worst of it all is the distance

so don’t forget what brings you near

that the nearness you feel is the nearness most dear

and our hiding

from our others

and our hide form ourselves

with the thoughts of our weakness

and our visions of fend

in the hope of our safety and hope of our strength

make delusions a’many

and delusions that sink

be kind to the world

and be kind without fear

be kind with yourself

and be kind with what’s near

be kind to the world

my dear darling dear

and you will become its marvels

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we are confronted with insurmountable possibilities.

Walt Kelly