xxxii - contradiction is its breath


a full set of teeth

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if it becomes exhausted

it dies

because there is nowhere else for it to go


and living is moving

no matter how slow


though it matters

because that’s what it is


because that’s what we call it

is matter the thing that can produce things

so we are


afraid to run too fast

or fly too high

or question with aggressive rigor

because what if we find out what exhaust us?

we’d know where we weren’t enough

that we were only enough for not enough

because there wasn’t anything more in us

it might mean there wasn’t anything more


so that if our doing didn’t matter

we would know for sure we didn’t


we are what

we do


and the space we filled is a vacuum when we go demanding                                                                    


contradiction is its breath


afraid to loose

for lack of finding

afraid to find

for what we’ll loose

you’ll want to hold your breath to balance

though you know you’ll have to do something else


you’re afraid you’ll be like it is




and you’ll never get to stop

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“men must always be driven from the letter, for they love so to stick there.”

John Milton