The economy has grown bored of the University

The economy is bored with the university – The expendable faculty majority.

The outcry is unavoidable, and its message though varied in circumstance, is largely the same – I am an adjunct professor and I am struggling.  Remarkably, the tensions have caused enough stir to illicit a report from the House Education and Workforce Committee, not to mention nearly every university organization across the country.  Terms like abuse and exploitation are bandied around the topic without pause, and unfortunately, I suspect the noisemaking is more akin to a toothache signaling heart disease than a begrudging cold.  We all want a way to support our communities, follow and share our passions and live without a constant fear of illness.  Yet, while these aspirations have historically been ripped from beneath the feet of the uneducated classes, it seems we are now seeing the black hole of debt gobbling further up the ladder.

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