Between real and eternity

England New

mixes give-in in its resilient pride

is itself once

certainty in doubt shines and decays

certainty in doubt shines and decays

remains in its transcendence


Saratoga smells old dry wood and copper baking tins


Dust is only unevenly

A fish and a jelly mold

Cragsmor sounds of woodpecker knows

Is always autumn

Birch bark crust

and grass

all brittle with crows


I think I should hear the rustle of sheep

Or cow bells



Footsteps can carry so much


Sometimes it's hard to tell if I am where

How far can I travel in a look?

Appalachian hills are frightening when they close

It sticks in me they close in on many

Such is seduction

Paradise and turmoil still


dispels when it’s too much to forget