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I want to believe in aspiring.

That endeavor yields being, evinces the assertion of life and circumvents the caprice of society and culture. 

That art is the vessel and fanfare of humanity; it rejects definition and gestures in us as we gesture in ourselves. 

Meaning unfolds in our passage and passing. 

Wherein, we are ever beginning, emerging through the flux of our intimacy. 

In closeness we dissolve, and being so, create through our becoming. 





2010                            MFA, Suma Cum Laude, Fine Arts, Brooklyn College/CUNY

2007                            BA, Suma Cum Laude, Honors, Fine Arts, College of Staten Island/CUNY


Professional Experience

2016 - 2017                   Professional Staff Congress Liaison to Part-Time Faculty CSI/CUNY

2016                              Adjunct Faculty Fellow to the Provost Office

2016                              Founding Director of Adjunct Faculty Symposium (A professional development venue for Adjunct Faculty)

2015                              Archivist - Milton Resnick and Pat Passlof Foundation

2010 – Present             Adjunct Assistant Professor, College of Staten Island/CUNY, NY (Teaching Painting, Drawing and Civics)

2011 – 2015                   Project Manager, Milton Resnick & Pat Passlof Foundation, NY

2009 – 2015                Curatorial Assistant, The Painting Center, NY

2014­                              Freelance Design, Yonder Window Inc./ PSC CUNY/


2013 – 2014                  Board Member: Faculty Rep. Snug Harbor Cultural Center, NY

2011 – 2014                  Teaching Artist, Art Lab: Snug Harbor Cultural Center, NY

2012 – 2013                 Teaching Artist, Liberty Partnership Program, NY

2012                              Research Assistant, Oxford University, England

2011 – 2012                  Project Assistant, Elizabeth Harris Gallery, NY

2008 – 2011                 Studio Assistant for Pat Passlof, New York, NY


                                    Solo Exhibition

2017                             Almost Like We Know, Newhouse Gallery for Contemporary Art, NYC 

2012                            Consumed by White, Art Lab Gallery, NYC                           

                                    Group Exhibtions

2017                            At of the 5: Staten Island, The InterChurch Center, NYC (Catalog)

2014                            21 and Counting: The Painting Center turns 21, The Painting Center, NY

2014                            Dia de Lose Muertos: Offrendas, NYC            

2013                            A Rich and Diverse Palette: The Visual Arts Faculty, College of Staten Island, NY

2011                            Black & White, Brooklyn Waterfront Artist   Coalition, NY

2011                            Coming Round: Searching for Expression in the minds in the Mind’s Eye, Second Saturday Gallery, NY      

2010                           Small Works, The Painting Center, NY

2010                           MFA Thesis exhibit, 2010 B.C., Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, NY

2008                          Annual Invitational, Snug Harbor Cultural Center, NY

2008                          The Fifth Annual Open Show Art Lab Gallery, NY                                        


2017                            Chasama Workspace Program

2012                            DCA Premiere Grant- Staten Island Arts (Formerly COAHSI)


Student Success Institute Grant

CSI Foundation Art Award

Departmental Honors in Art-CSI/CUNY

Charles G. Shaw Award-Brooklyn College/CUNY

Graduate Investment Program Award-Brooklyn College/CUNY


2017                            Fringe Festival: Edinburgh Scotland: Yonder Window Theater Company

2015                           College of Staten Island/CUNY Provost Office

2015                           Fringe Festival: San Miguel de Allende: Les Exportables Theater company

2011-2012                   Black Mountain College: regarding a retrospective exhibit held at Black Mountain College Museum & Western North Carolina University, Asheville, NC


2017                           Art of the 5: Catalog

2014- Present            Contributor, The Huffington Post, NY

2011                            Black Mountain College Retrospective of Pat Passlof Catalog


2017                           Roundtable Discussion: Almost Like we Know - Newhouse Gallery for Contemporary Art (Video)

2016                           Inaugural Adjunct Faculty Symposium: College of Staten Island, CUNY (Video)

2012                           “Out of the pan: A talk for college age students transitioning into the art world”, Snug Harbor Cultural Center, NY

Academic Committees

2017                           Campus Study Work Group Committee (Organized to review and design pilots based on Campus Climate Survey)

2016-Present            Officer-at-Large for PSC College of Staten Island chapter

2016                           Adjunct Faculty Task Force

2016                           Faculty Center Advisory Board

2016                           Adjunct Faculty Student success Task Force

2016                           Experiential Learning Task Force for Student Success


Discoveries 2012: David Loncle-

Research Abroad

2017                            Edinburgh Scotland: Researching contemporary folk arts in the perspective of historical Celtic influences.

2014                            Mexico: San Miguel de Allende and Mexico City: Researching folk art and its relationship to pre-Columbian regional styles.

2013                            France: Paris and Aix in Provence researching Cezanne in relation to early 20th cen. painting with a focus on 10th street NYC abstraction.

2012                            Istanbul: Reviewing the aesthetic shifts from Byzantine to Turkish art exploring the dynamic between cultural conceptions and aesthetic expression.

Significant On-going Projects

Pat Passlof Book: "The Inspired"  A compilation of writings with accompanied interviews of fellow painters and collectors.

(Expected Publication in 2018) Publisher: Midmarch press