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The Leaping King Akimbo

respect is a truth of nature

it waste nothing

and comes back to itself

though we dismiss it

because it never returns as its original 

born again itself anew

change is constant and forever in every ever whichever 

perhaps this is why symmetry is so striking

it whispers of potential

and escape

from our weak and wobbling selves

and finds the world without attuned to dreams within

as if we had the chance to understand

if we only looked our looking so

we’d soar above 

with perfect balance







'Almost Like We Know' was exhibited July 15th to Sept. 17th 2017.

The accompanying essay is linked here.  

A roundtable discussion was held on Sept. 9th and can be found here.

Pat Passlof: Paintings from the 50's -- Restating the question of meaning.


. . . these images provide complex visual experiences and often compelling conclusions. There is the sense of arrival following extended interrogation: How and what does it mean to paint and make pictures? This imperative seems to emerge from — and continue into — the paintings themselves where themes and painterly affects transform in their role and countenance. Passlof is testing, tasting and discovering a range of expressions as yet uncongested by the onslaught of superficial simulacra that followed the popular successes of Abstract Expressionism.