pennies are for pinching


pennies are for pinching

and the costs of a rich poet

Is a poor country 

(somewhere it seems)


how old is the first world?


once I heard

someone say ‘I don’t like questions in poems’

or something, whatever ya know?


art gets smelly with politics

like wearing clothes you forgot in the wash


being fashionable is

dressing just the same

but a little different

unlike names


some things get better with age

I don’t know that momentum is one of them


do you think when while whilst you read?


old expectations are heavy

and their brows slant

either way

isn’t that everything

with decisions

everything has


                                      potential                         dangles


if you ask about it

and they feel about you

somehow communication

happens dressed up

weird in that way

things like that


(I cut two holes in a map and wrap it around my head with twine)


you wouldn’t know if I cringed

like when you break something

but you aren’t sure of the account