Early May
 Root bound and hard as concrete I decided not to fight for a grow-bed in the middle of the yard.  I put a mix of pole beans, clover and root crop, reckoning it would be best to force some nutrients and carbon in the soil.  My bean poles can only be described as artistically done.
 With all the beds seeded I began to place out potted perennials.
 By the end of May there are sprouts in all the beds.  Jon begins his pond project.
 The last project in may was to give my soil some skin.  The first truckload of wood chips was not the correct order and it was another small ordeal to get a new one.
Year One at Norskie-20.jpg
 With the wood chips came another batch of compost tea.  It's Alive!
 Ground armor.  By now well inoculated with many fungi.
 duck, duck....
 Everything was planted very late.  But by the end of June things were getting green.  The amount of insect life in the yard was unlike I had seen it since my childhood and I was feeling optimistic.
 Our first Borage peaks out.
 Glam shot
 Mustards and Brassicas
 We've gotten Humming birds every year since I planted her.
 The entire yard was vibrating by this time.  Bees love Borage.
 Giant sunflower tunnel for sneaking.
 From Mid-July till the end of the warm growing season the garden looked like this.
 A Monarch Caterpillar visiting my Dill.
Year One at Norskie-40.jpg
Year One at Norskie-46.jpg
 I harvested until mid December.
 Jonsquatch sighting.
Year One at Norskie-7-2.jpg
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