CONversations witH the sphInx


Conversations with the Sphinx


 In keeping and finding 

no balance have we had

we move or we are moved by a moving

or, is the way of things

to steward is to remake our worthy hold anew

for ourselves 

so that others 

will like us 

and being like us

we can stay

away the lonely

save us lonely ones


burning life is the snuff of life

newborns clinch their eyes

and seek the dark

they know lights fracture the mind

into things 

at a distance away

where we don’t know how to go

our eyes can only stare a distance

near or far we chosen choose 

and shape ourselves to fit the speed of imminence

always at a fear to loose


if keeping keeps bad

then finding finds good

swallowed into the momentum of certainty

both ways diverge though

that the new is its sakes own

and the old earned best

such are the paths consumed


that box that holds the precious things

(you know which one)

by taking and holding 

ferocious here and there

is a tarnished thing

by hands that want their share

for each desire marks what’s fair

and who are we to say?


our bodies still

we see the distance closely

 and move within

 such is faith

 that every step leaps

 into leaping

whichever way we go


how we shall pass 

holds the question

to where we find ourselves

revealed in the lines of our eyes