The second treaties on


In my goings

I shine in the beaming pleasures of doting statesmen. 

In youngness and the acquaintance passerby should pride on notice

at unusual heights:

How handsome

how bright

how kind-minded. 

Aura’s speak a secret song in the heart of my mind

where all language begins and begins murders. 


Attention is our scalpel



 dotted lines and painted footsteps trace the carnival.  



 I might leap in the outlines of monstrous bounds

 did tyrannosaurus drool?

no evidence.

or doubt


The beam is a positive reciprocity,

feeling earned,

lifts the beacon and beaconed. 


I am deigned

and you are that that deigns,

or otherwise

being such,

we charm in our rain of confetti. 


Save dissident pangs for walking

where we move ourselves ourselves. 


Imperatives are followers from

Going or not is the doing

Speaking is always almost meaning.