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sketchbook is an unfinished public repository of thoughts, notions, experiences, and visual ideas under-baked or in process in a variety of media

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2-d space from a 3-d world on a 2-d world across who know how many dimensions

(maybe it doesn’t matter, maybe it makes all the difference)


The labor for the seeker of truth

is the endurance of uncertainty


a study in choice and its presumptions


our beauty is the waking shadow of our destruction

choose your premises well

you are their actions



catalytic combustions conflagrate

or consummate

would we know the difference?

Or do we only c the shapes come the end?


the size of the explosion dictates the victims in the audience

(though not personally)


if you thought

every choice is life or death

because one leads the other

and you are both

now and then

would the weight of your choosing prove it?

and the balance scale?

would you earn the right to feel 

worth the while?

while you choose

in pains

in friends

in dollars

how far you can bend?

wrapping round the wend

Gunga din!

leave your den!

you’ve yet to tell

will your basket carry water?

Bravery is giving without expectation.

being heard 

makes others think

the thoughts you think

are thought as though

they are especially thorough

and thoroughly important

so just be heard

and the rest can follow